Because of my job, I am in front of a computer all day and have continuous pain in my neck, shoulders and back. The treatments with Clarke have really helped to correct my posture and alleviate the pain and discomfort I felt. Clarke uses gentle techniques and the relief is immediate and lasting.
– Lori C.

I play goalie in hockey and suffered a knee injury the previous year that only got worse with time. The injury started to effect the way that I walk and would cause significant discomfort after games, runs, or exercising. After a few sessions with Clarke I noticed a drastic improvement and now we focus on other minor problems in our monthly maintenance meetings.
– Paul S.

I have been living with scoliosis and chronic headaches my entire life. Since seeing Clarke, my headaches aren’t as frequent and my neck no longer feels stiff. His treatments have decreased my shoulder and knee/foot pain due to scoliosis, and my overall ability to exercise without discomfort has improved a ton. Manual osteopathy has allowed me to stay active and keep doing the things I love to do.
– Amanda F.

As a graduating peer of Clarke, I was impressed by his ability to apply what we learnt in the classroom onto the treatment table to create effective changes. Clarke displays a natural ability to correlate his assessment and application of treatment to the anatomy and physiology affecting his patients. I’m excited to continue to collaborate with Clarke as professionals in the future.
– Andrew P. (CAO/OOA colleague)